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Hello people of the Fediverse! Some of you may have heard that a new Mastodon client, Ivory,  is in development for iOS (and Mac!). This is true! Tapbots is going all in on Mastodon and we hope this place continues to grow and thrive. Tweetbot will continue to be developed alongside Ivory as a lot of code is shared. A new Mac version of Tweetbot and Ivory are also currently in development and we are working hard on getting those towards a public beta state.

My kids just asked if we could watch for movie night 😁

Ok so the react native experiment was cool. In the end decided not to go that route.

NFTs are just bookmarks

Change My Mind 🤣😁

React Native isn't so bad. I sometimes have to remind myself to separate FB from their tech

😬 😅

I sure do love me some True Crime 🕵️‍♀️

You want day it is….. Hump day, Yea!

Ok got my Alt 😎. Now to find something in the niche 😬😅

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i always wondered why Afghanistan sticks out and touches China. it turns out: "With the Russian Empire having conquered the Khanate of Khiva and the Emirate of Bukhara, and with the British Empire controlling the British Raj, the two powers agreed to leave Afghanistan as an independent buffer state between them."

reply with your favorite #geography fact plz!!

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Beyond importing people from birdsite or manually adding folks I know its still quite hard here to build curated feeds on specific topics.

- someone should make a birdsite list ingest tool. I don’t follow people on lists in birdsite so importing them is currently manual.

- hunting by hashtag helps, but maybe we should increase sharing of mastodon topic lists? For example lists of #ukraine or #ransomware or #nationalsecurity experts?

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People get that light takes time to reach us, yet as the distances grow into billions of light-years, the scales start to boggle the brain.

Researchers at John Hopkins University have built an interactive map of the Universe that contains actual observed galaxies and quasars from the nearby #Universe to 13+ billion years ago.

You can see why a powerful infrared telescope like #JWST is vital to understanding the farthest distances near the beginning of time.

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I’m basically going to keep posting these #astro and #tarot threads until y’all learn to like them lmao eventually you will succumb, even if you think you don’t believe in that kind of stuff— I don’t need you to believe. Just read and see if it jives with your experience.


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